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Silvertone 1484 cabinet

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Mojotone Silvertone 1484 Head Amplifier Kit

Vintage original Silvertone Model Twin Twelve amp nice and clean. Follow this product to see new listings in your feed! Overview Silvertone's Twin Twelve is a 60W 6L6-based tube amp, originally sold in a "piggyback" configuration through the Sears catalog from - Similar in sound and function to blackface Fender Bassman amps, but with additional features -- a strong, vibe-dripping tremolo and a reverb that At the end of the gig or session, the head tucks into the bottom of the cabinet for ease of transport.

silvertone 1484 cabinet

Here you'll find Reverb's current selection of Piggyback amps as used by the likes of Jack White and Beck. Related Products. From the Price Guide Sell Yours. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Please check the fields highlighted in red.

Yes, that's correct Do not update. Model Twin Twelve Watt 2x12 Piggyback. United States.Discussion in ' Amps and Cabs ' started by dcmak5Mar 4, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Mar 4, 1.

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Messages: 1, I've decided I want to stop the wear and tear on my silvertone twin twelve cab while it still looks decent plus the speakers are original, and it's starting to rattle. I'd like to keep it stock. I have a 15 inch JBL from the '60s but my uncle advised me to not use a guitar with it, because he thinks the glue might come loose if it has any "weight" put on it. Last edited: Mar 5, Mar 4, 2.

Mar 4, 3. Messages: 3, Get you a Marshall cab, you wont be sorry AlvisMar 4, Mar 4, 4. I was thinking smaller, so I can at least get it in the car without worrying about messing my back up or using a dolly. Mar 4, 5. Years ago I changed the soldered cable to standard phone jacks on each end. It sure made the beast easier to carry!

The stock speakers have a throaty sound that's not always what I want -- but, since I have four other guitar amps all Fenders I can live with that. Mar 4, 6.A few years back, we were asked to service three of Jack White's Silvertone amps. Many professionals love the sound but cannot rely on its build quality for reliable road use. Two of Jack's amps needed new output transformers, but we realized that there wasn't a suitable replacement on the market.

We had our friends at Heyboer tear down the old transformers and replicate the design for us to add to the Mojotone catalog.

We loved the outcome so much, we decided we would share the results as the new Mojotone style amp kit. This new kit boasts the desirable Silvertone straight sound without the not-so-great reverb and largely unused tremolo.

We packed it all into a British style chassis and head box which will offer years of roadworthy service. Unlike most of our reproduction amp kits this is not an exact copy of the original amp. This is Mojotone's version of the Silvertone model where we removed the tremolo and reverb parts of the circuit from the original design. Covid Update - Click here for more info! Please, follow these basic instructions to place your order: Add only the numerical characters of the Item Number.

Description and pack size will be displayed. You will be presented with a list of items after entering 3 digits, select one of them. Suggestions are welcomed, please contact us! My cart. My Cart. Click here to see your shopping cart. Mojotone Silvertone Head Amplifier Kit.

Click here for current lead times. Tell a Friend. Could not be happier with the Mojotone ! Kester ''44'' Rosin Core Solder. Drill for Chassis Mounting. Follow Us. Log Out Log In. Amp Parts. Mojotone Pickups. Mojotone Artists. New Products. Mojotone Amps. Mojotone Amp Kits.Shipping usually takes place in days.

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Made in the USA! T his is a quality heavy duty vinyl protective cover for a Silvertone Twin Twelve guitar amplifier cabinetThis listing is for a cover for the 2x12 cabinet only. The picture of the speaker cabinet shows what cabinet this cover is made for.

The speaker cabinet is not included. Each cover is made specifically for the amp listed and has properly positioned handle opening s. Our vinyl has a generous felt backing on the inside so that our covers can provide it all - great look, fit, durability and protection against damage to tolex, control knobs and grill cloth while keeping out dust and rain and preventing sun fade.

Please use the Contact Seller link if you would like to customize your cover. The fine print:.

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Buyer to pay within 7 days of sale. International Buyers Please Note:.

silvertone 1484 cabinet

Taxes, import duties and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal! Guitar factory new diamond-shaped fretboard electric guitar. Custom Amp Covers. Ampeg Covers. Fender Covers. Marshall Covers. Roland Covers. Vox Covers. International Buyers Please Note: Taxes, import duties and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

Silvertone* 1484 Repro Cab

Thank you. International Priority Shipping.Silvertone was the brand name that Sears was using for all of their musically related products in the s including guitars, amplifiers, radios, record players and more. Sears would contract with another manufacturer to make products that they could then sell through their popular catalog. The Silvertone amplifiers manufactured by Danelectro in the mids have become the most popular among guitar players for their great tube tone and Cold War-era styling.

The,and amplifiers were made with particle board cabinets and thin, bent aluminum chassis sometimes incorporating blocks of wood but that's where the cheap parts end. Sears was sourcing tubes from RCA and rebranding them with their Silvertone name. How's that for cheap? Lately, we're seeing these amp steadily climb in popularity and value, for the in particular.

silvertone 1484 cabinet

Here's a breakdown of the five series amps, and how they compare. The is a single ended, point to point hand wired all-tube amp using a single 12ax7 preamp tube and a single 6v6 power tube. The single 8" speaker, low wattage output and small box make this amp a very portable and apartment friendly vintage amp that also won't break the bank.

Its simple circuit also makes it easily serviced so you can take this one to gigs around the country. Mic it and let the world know how they're missing out on Silvertone.

silvertone 1484 cabinet

There's a pair of 12ax7s powering the preamp as well as a 6au6 powering the rich, deep tremolo circuit. The was the only amp in the series with a vertically mounted chassis which allowed for those cool, tv-style cosmetics.

This amp is often compared to the brown face Fender Deluxe however it's a completely different animal tonally. It's voiced a bit darker and seems to break up a bit earlier than a Deluxe from the same time period. The drive is more similar to a narrow panel tweed Deluxe.

This may be the most obscure of the bunch with clean examples difficult to track down. The was the smallest in the piggy back, head and cabinet portion of the run with a single 15" Jensen speaker. The pair of 6l6 power tubes made about 23 watts out of the two 12ax7 preamp tubes. This amp offered two channels which both had their own bass and treble adjustment but it didn't have reverb or tremolo. The is likely the second most popular of the series and is often compared to the Fender Bassman.

It features a pair of 6l6 power tubes and three 12ax7 preamp tubes through two 12" Jensen speakers. This model also had Reverb and Tremolo which is easily toggled via the two button footswitch.Each issue of Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside, you'll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. The stunningly designed Gear Patrol Magazine is ready for your coffee table.

By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. In the fall-winter catalogue ofSears debuted its line of Silvertone-branded guitar amplifiers. The most popular of the bunch was the wattwhich featured a vertically mounted chassis, a inch speaker, two 6V6 power tubes, two 12AX7 preamp tubes and a built-in tremolo manufactured by Danelectro. At the time, the was still considerably cheaper than other high-end amplifiers, such as its most direct parallel, the brown-face-era Fender Deluxe.

It was attractive for its price, but not really for its sound, which was described as being dark, quiet and muffled. Owners of a Silvertone could thank the cheap cabinet construction for that. Sears used particle board, Fender used white pine. After flailing sales, Sears sunset the line in Today, these amps tell a different story. The smallmeanwhile, is prized by many session guitarists in the studio for its unique tonal characteristics, such as its early breakup at low volumes; even its darkness is seen as an asset, capable of injecting grit into a Gibson or tame the brightness of a Tele.

In a way, that makes the amps cheaper than they were 50 years ago.

Silvertone 1484 Guitar Amplifier

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Submit By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. More Music. Learn More: Here. Sign Up for Gear Patrol Newsletters.NO Foot switch. All is original and or refurbished. It has one original speaker the other I just replaced with a new same Jensen C12Q 35w 12" see photos. The cabinet is a little beat up see photos.

It has been in storage a very long time. Replaced output transformer because someone told me they had a issue.

TubeFi Demo Silvertone Twin Twelve

Turns out there was nothing wrong with it so you get new one already installed and old one for what ever reason. The head still had issues so I took it to a Audio Geek and had it tested. The Technician replaced 1 bad cap, burnished and de-ox all jax's and controls,retension power tube sockets.

Everything is original except for replacement parts as described. I tested it and it works perfectly. I'm even including a audio cable for it. I tested all together you can play Guitar through channel one and plug Rhythm-Matic in channel two for a drum beat while you play. The reverb works fine but distorts some if you turn it up to high.

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The amp has a great sound to it very strong. All the controls work fine. The amp face has some discoloration to it and pitted some. This is a pick-up item only unless you arrange shipper on your end. Thanks for looking and please ask questions before you buy.

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